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Happy Tuesday ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ Mornin' Princess DJ, Rich, Neal...Lurkers & Lurkettes! (I hate to leave anyone out! *LOL*)

Namaste to you {{{ALL}}}

Namaste, in case you don't know, is a term that means: My eternal soul greets *your* eternal soul! I think that's pretty cool. Then again when I think of the "eternity" aspect of knowing a few of the souls I's downright scary too! *LOL*

Anyway, TUESDAY it is...and it feels like a Tuesday too. Sometimes, for whatever reason it doesn't seem like the day of week that it actually is. Thank Goodness for the little time and date thing in the corner of my computer. It has kept me ~centered~ on many an occasion!

Did any of you ever seem to wake up feeling like it was ..say...a FRIDAY ...but it was really only Thursday??? (You know what I mean! Right? *S*)

Love, Light~* & Regal ~Waves~ to {{{ALL}}} *LOL*


~*The Journey Inward*~

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