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DUMB DECISION BY CANADIAN JUDGE Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu yep rs argues very well. as you say potown, there is another issue here and the judge lost it. he lost it like the liberals in nyc under former mayor john lindsey did when i and other nyc citizens were told ---- don't go out at night, lock all your doors, put bars on your windows..........

in other words, give the streets to the criminals. if a law abiding citizens happens to get robbed, even in his/her home, then the criminal becomes the victom, not the law abideing citizen.

that was the point of my posting here and still is.

as for the kid involved in the 20 dollar robbery, he was an accessary during and after the fact. he got off lightly --- sorry rs, i disagree with you on this one......

he did get nailed for receiving stolen property, but he also should have gotten nailed for know the crime was taking place and not reporting it. had he reported it, then he would not have been an accorsery (spelling???)

and yes, just because a women wears something provotive does not mean a guy has the right to take liberities with her.


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