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Netscape problems Gina * Gina mcgil I had lots of problems w/ the earlier release of 4.7
especially 4.72. 4.73 improved a bit but still left a lot to desire in the "freeze up" are - sent lots of feedback to Netscape.

Past few weeks I've been using the 4.74 - so far, so good :)
The beta is out for 6.0 LOTS of changes in design & it loads much faster but I'm not impressed w/ the features - now if they could combine 4.74 features into the 6 it would be really neat.

d/l 4.74 I think you'll be happy w/ it - I'm a Netscape baby too right from the getco... 1.0 beta :)) still have the demo disks.

Does anyone remember Mosaic?


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