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DUMB DECISION BY CANADIAN JUDGE Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs "The question was whether the guy on trial knew the other guy was going to rob the Vic."

I said that but it needs to be clarified.

What I meant was did the guy who didn't rob know in advance the other fellow was going to rob this guy, and if so, did the guy on trial assist. That's what's missing, above.

One opportunist in a group doesn't make the whole group guilty of his escapade if they didn't participate knowingly.

Somewhat different are the two guys who rob a bank, and one murders the teller. The other guy outside the bank behind the wheel of the getaway car gets charged with the murder.
All part of the risk of robbing banks, essentially.

Crime doesn't pay, but, according to a N.Y.'er cartoon this week, its up over honesty by 2%.


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