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What Ticks You Off Diane J DJ Lost LOL, that's funny.

It reminds me of a job I had a long time ago. I used to work for Sears. The area where customers call in when you have a problem with a purchase or need a technician... well, we used to have this one lady, Mary was her name, who used to call in AT LEAST 3 times EVERY DAY, and want to talk.

Poor thing was so lonely.

We used to take time to talk to her, when we could. But who ever would get her, would alert all the other people in the office that she was online.

As soon as one of us would get her to end the call, she would call right back in and her call would roll on to the next Rep.

LOL.. Donna. I can see you in your twilight years doing that.. ROFLOL

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