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DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER? Neal Mulligan neal One of the radio shows was sponsored by Kix it had the slogan You'll get a kick out of Kix. Well they had a ring deal too. One size fits all, until you made one too many adjustments. From then on you carried it in your pocket--til you lost it. This ring had a secret compartment and it came with Morse code instructions. It glowed in the dark so you could send signals. But, the clincher was it could write under water. I had to have it. I saved the box tops and sent away. Finally, the great day arrived. All of my buddies came by to see it. We filled the bathtub with water, problem was they didn't provide paper on which you could write under water, slump (:<) Then it occurred to me, I never write anything, and I hated water, can't swim even now. It was the last thing I ever sent away for. Traded it to my friend Wickie, funny he never mentioned it again ever.


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