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DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER? Dan Blaine DBLIVIT On 07/01/2000 2:09:00 AM, Bear wrote:
>When TV first went on the air,
>there was only one station
>that could be received in
>Great Kills. It was Channel
>5, WKBD. Who remembers where
>the Transmitting Station was
>located? Who remembers,
>"Captain Video and the Video

Pretty sure the "Dumont" station had a transmitter over in Joisey. I remember Captain Video, but he wasn't the one with the secret decoder ring...that was Captain Midnight and it was a radio show. You had to send in a proof of purchase seal from an Ovaltine bottle label to get the ring. (Yuck! who could stand Ovaltine after getting accustomed to Bosco?)

Anyhow, Captain Midnight would read out the coded message at the end of his daily show and you would then decode it with the ring.

BTW: this was the same decoder the Nazis used in WWII that the British captured in operation Cicero. Too bad the Nazis didn't know about Ovaltine!

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