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Tour de France and part of Germany Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Hey All: We wuz there. That was us waving the American flag on the steep turn coming into the little town of Schallstadt just outside of Freiburg. That was on Thursday the 18th stage. On Friday we were in Freiburg watching the time trials.

There were 1 1/2 million people out on the 67 km stretch between the German border crossing at Rheinfelden and Freiburg on Thursday. I had to take a couple of days vacation, but I think most of the germans called in sick!

One point I would like to make: the locals cheered just as enthusiastically for Lance Armstrong as they did for their national hero, Jan Ulrich. Which impressed the hell out of me. (think about some of the incidents in Yankee stadium).

A hint: the only way to watch an event like this is to park your car out of town and then bicycle in. You lock your bikes up and then find a shady spot in a biergarten alongside the race street. After the tour goes by, you hop on your bike (or try to) and wobble along the race course which is still blocked from auto traffic and wave to the crowd as if you were leading the pack. They cheered for me, too! I was wearing a sweat shirt that said: "POST CONSTRUCTION STATEN ISLAND NEW YORK".

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