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Dr. Atkins Diet Diane J DJ Lost Harry. My husband and I did the Adkins diet for about 2 months... we both lost about 15 pounds each.

Like Donna said, you have to be careful, as with any diet. I am definitly a carb addict, as you can probably tell from my junk food posts, (pizza, potato chips, bagels, etc.) but that diet does work.

Theres another one that lets you have carbs one day per week, it's called "the carb addict diet" and it is pretty good too.

You might also want to chat online and trade recipies with other dieters at I am a member on there and you may catch some of my very own recipies!!! But it's some good encouragment from people doing the same diet you are!

Good luck. I am going to start back up on the Adkins plan tomorrow!!!!

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