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What Ticks You Off Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I had a guy read me, it was obvious he was reading, a five minute spiel to buy the N.Y. Times. This was in the early 'Sixties. They had telephones and telemarketers then.

I held the phone away from my ear and let him finish. When he shut up, I said, "Excuse, me, I didn't catch that, would you mind repeating it?"

He went through it again, pausing at all the stops he did the last time. I felt a little bad, because he sounded like an older guy trying to eke out a living. So I just said, "No, thanks."

Now what I do, after figuring out it's just a cold call (usually they start by asking how you are) is just say, "Sorry, I can't take this call," and hang up.

I feel better and I don't hurt anyone's feelings.

(Like that's a big consideration, you're probably thinking.)

Hey, I'm from FawCawnahs. I wasn't raised in a barn, as my mother likes to remind me.


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