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Tour de France and part of Germany Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I remember the torn up streets. Let me tell the current story.

Market Street, the main drag, has been in one piece for years now. Buses underground, BART train below that. Trolleys above ground. You can get run over three different ways. Failing that, they'll get you there.

The really new thing, as of about 3 weeks ago, is that the three year project to re-do the Embarcadero (da street that runs along da waterfront) is now complete. Tracks from the Ferry Building to the Giant's Stadium (Pacific Bell Park), and tracks from the Ferry Building to Fisherman's Wharf. Lined with Canary Island Palm Trees.

No canaries.

Lovely nevertheless.

San Francisco's waterfront cargo business took the ferry to Oakland. Passenger lines only.

The waterfront is used for roller-blading, biking, and girl-watching.

Halter tops.

Halt the traffic.

And you wonder why I go biking.

How else would I know I wuz alive?


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