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What Ticks You Off Margie Stephens Margie I dislike phone pitches as much as the rest of you. Recently I've tried a new angle of attack:

I've told people who want to sell us double pane windows
- sorry there are no windows in this house

To those who want to sell me the newspaper
- sorry, I don't know how to read

To those wishing to re-do the roof
I know how to do that myself, and have done it on two houses.

To those trying to refinance the house: "Are you sitting down? Good, because here's what we have for an interest rate." That impresses them and shuts 'em up all at the same time.

Sometimes I just don't speak English. That works, too.

I've been known to pick up the phone, hear a canned announcement, and just place the phone on a chair. Let them tie up their line, pay for the call, and maybe not have time to bother someone else.

Be creative ;-) Tell me what else you come up with for responses. Get those [can be naughty] StatNisland creative thoughts flowing ... what can you say to get rid of the guy trying to sell you something?

Margie who really likes the line, "Well *you* called *me*, didn't you??"

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