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WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR CHAT ROOM.... Gina * Gina Nothing is wrong with the chat room....

A little while ago I decided to so a "timed entry" to chat.

I know Netscape & IExplore seem to be the 2 most popular
web browsers used here....soooooooooooooooo

My modem connect speed right now is/was 21600 (which is the middle of the road for connection speed to a dial uP server)

Using Netscape I clicked "chat" at 3:20 PM load, load, load, connected & in the chat room at 3:24 PM with not problems & minimal delay.

Using Microsoft Explorer or IExplore
Clicked "chat" at 3:33 PM load, load, load, in the chat room
at 3:35 PM

Soooooooooo what's the problem????

Do I have a super duper puter? NOT! I'm using a built of "bits & pieces" Pentium II - 32bit mem with plenty of space on the h/d - nothing fancy about it just the basics and same type dial uP as most of u'all.

What most people don't seem to understand is that every puter is the same & DIFFERENT - all depends on how it's set up and what kind of maintenance the user/owner does to it and how often...when was the last time u cleaned out those temp files or emptied your cache? That's only 2 things that help to optimize a system a bit - there are others I'm not going into cause we'll be here for the duration LOL - Right Rich, GRJ, DJ, BobC, Webmaster & several others?

The OTHER thing is - not everyone connects to the SAME server or dial uP soooooooooooooooooo your server has to jump servers to get in line (sort of) Some servers DON'T assign a unique IP address which also adds to your connect and join chat time... Some of U might have more memory & a faster processor but a smaller hard drive with tons of space taken up on your puter with d/l files, emails attachments & pictures & unneeded garbage...this all adds to the "slow up" time of your puter...which in turn slows your "join chat" time which uses java scripts (java scripts can sometimes/most times slowwwwwwwww things uP)

I bet some don't even know that there are "patches" available for your Operating System that would probably help to make things run smoother - I don't recommend the "patch" thing unless you are fairy comfortable with puter stuff or get your "puter techie" to help you do some uPgrading of your system/programs.

Are you using the LASTEST version of Web Browser??? Do you have the necessary PLUGINS offered by Netscape & Mircorsoft Explorer?

THE other thing is are us using IBM's OS2, Microsoft's Windows 3.1, Win95a, Win95b, Win98, Win98a, Win98b or Win2000 which as far as I'm concerned is still in it's embryo stages and needs lots of help in some area as the Webmaster could attest to - The Win2000 uPgrade is what caused all the problems to the site over the past couple of weeks. It's kind of like Microsoft throws the NEW Operating System software out there and they does the "glitch fix" as techies , server operators, Webmasters & the general public call in complaining that things "ain't" working up to snuff...grrrrrrrrrr mircorsoft and their undercover beta releases LOL

Soooooooooooooo my dear SI Web buddies... be patient when your joining the site or chat and please understand in the world of puters there are Flintstones Mobils, Geo's, Mustangs, CORVETTE's, & AUSTIN HEALEY's (used to own one of these wayyyyyy back - the one of these red, spoke wheels, had port holes in the back & wooden top LOL - some friends might remember how it could FLOAT & keep on going just like a Timex it took a lickin but kept on ticken LMAO) turbo charged MASERATI's, Alfa Romeo's, Porche's, Jag's zoooooooommmmmmmmmmm along on the VERY CROWDED Internet Highway...hell there's even some 3 wheeled bikes, mopeds, mini bikes & Motor SWiples out there too LOL...don't stess out, stay cool n enjoy the ride at whatever speed your traveling in cyber space.

AND make sure "java script" is ACTIVATED/ENABLED in your web browser options :))

Ya wanna do the net thing faster go learn UNIX and you'll get "speed find & joins" but ya better be happy without all the click n go & fun color, sound and whatever stuff cause ya won't get it using UNIX commands - you'll just have boring old text but with speed. Stop complainin already LOL - make friends with the change cause every time ya learn it they uPgrade & it slowsssssssssss things down till it's tweaked around a bit LOL

Have fun, be PATIENT & Enjoy!

e-mail me if ya need a bit more explainin/help - but BE patient LOL


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