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Name Changes ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~


We must have been working on our posts at the same time! *S*

Anyway, re your "name change": COOL!!!! I think that's neat! (Both the building of the nest *and* the name change! *S*) Believe it or not, while I never thought I would do it, about two or so years ago I technically "changed my name" too! I did it in the other web site I go to. All I did was add the "~*'s" actually, and as is true with both You and rs, everyone obviously still knew it was me *LOL*...but I did it because I always used them anyway and without having them OFFICIALLY in my handle I had to type them in all the ding dong time. They're sooooo me and I've used them for so many years that I just figured...Hey! What the heck! Why not change my name officially and save my fingers a teeny weeny bit of typing! *S*

Thanks for sharing your ~explanation~ with me!!! *S*


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