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Name Changes ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ ROTFLOL

OT...As I mentioned in my opening post to this string it *was* quite obvious that both rs and Harry had changed their names. (Sorry for mentioning your names AGAIN guys!) Anyway, that's why I very clearly stated precisely *that* information in my opening post! Obviously OT if I knew some of the people that changed their names, I knew *what* they had changes their names to, or I would have thought the other names were those of "new" posters to the board! :-)

As for any "subterfuge" going on *LOL* thinks that you're getting mixed up between my original post and my response to someone else here, about an entirely different aspect of "name changing". Changing one's name with *very* identifiable clues and using an "anonymous" handle....are two VERY different manners of expression.

Just to once again try to make all of this crystal clear...

The people that "changed" their names clearly made the changes quite identifiable in some way *and* I never for any second thought there was anything negative about it. My motive for asking was merely CURIOSITY!


As for *your* curiosity about seeing who the anons are (as well as your "method" of doing so): It's quite illuminating!


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