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Margie ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ Hi Margie!

I hope that your Birthday celebration was fun and that your own personal "New Year" has started off WONDERFULLY!

Question! In one of your posts (I think it was in your Birthday String) you asked about graphics. Did you mean *creating* graphics or did you mean *posting* them.

Posting graphics is easy and requires nothing but a bit of simple instruction. If that's what you meant there are a good number of us here who could ~show~ you the way! *S*

If it was CREATING ~Graphics~ that you'd need to get some kind of Graphic Art program first. DJ and I are Graphic Artists and I know Art knows a lot too! I'm sure there are also a ton of others!

Clarify for me what you meant and it would be my pleasure to do whatever I could to get you started! *S*


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