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Name Changes ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
Thanks for your reply JR! I really did mean my question sincerely and I appreciate your taking the time to answer me.

As for the content of your post I couldn't agree more. Identification *is* a deeply personal least it is for me...and in truth a good majority of people. As we've all seen and discussed here in the past, the use of the "anonymous" feature on this web has been the breeding ground for all kinds underhanded behavior. Yes, there have been some "supporters" of it... but .....well.....

Never mind. I'll leave that issue alone...for now.

Anyway, you asked two good questions when you said: "Donna, is that really you?" and "How can we/you be sure?". While I do understand what you mean JR, and I have heard others wonder in the same way, *I* personally (and truly) believe that after knowing someone for a while, the essence of their being shows through their writing.

If we were to ~Gather Up~ (ironic term as this *is* THE GATHERING) ALL of the "anonymous" posts on this board, I bet you dollars to donuts that 99.999% of them would be NEGATIVE and pointed at specific people. Psychologically speaking, that tells you A LOT about the kind of people who make use of the "anonymous" feature.

You also see the picture a HECK OF A LOT CLEARER...when you learn a bit of electronic detective work and find out the alter "identity" of the "anons".

It's a very very sad...and very very scary unfolding!

I wonder if the lack of integrity the typical "anon" has would be altered if they found out that they weren't actually as "anon" when they they had originally believed they were!


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