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Pizza-less in Pacific Northwest John Ritter JR I think there is something called Bobli pizza that comes like a kit from the grocery store. We tried it a few times and it was ok. I grew up on Angelo's pizza from Hylan Blvd. in Eltingville and have not found anything as good. Strange, when I was in Italy the Pizza was not as good as in New York either. I have a theory its like bagels and has to do with the water, or it has to do with the first place you eat a speciality food and it becomes a baseline for your taste buds. It's like women (he I may get into trouble again) the good ones you met in Staten Island are forever 10's, even after California, Hawaii and the Rivera.
By the way my impression of the Rivera was a beach with pebbles that hurt you feet and gals in suits they should not wear in public.

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