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Lets get really nostalgic now! Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs On 07/21/2000 1:09:00 PM, oldtimer wrote:

>Another was a very sad song
>about some lady with a fatal
>illness and her doc said she
>would die when the last autuum
>leaf fell. I since have heard
>a short story based on this
>I'm tieing the leaves so they
>wont come down, so Nelly won't
>go away.

O. Henry, the short-story writer from the century before last, famous for his twist-endings, wrote one called "The Last Leaf." I haven't read it since I was at Curtis (the institute of higher learnin.' Someone at the Caffe Roma aske me who Curtis wuz. I didn't have a clue.)

Any rate, in the story, the sick girl is told she'll die when the last leaf falls. The hero of the story goes out to the wall against which the plant is growing and paints a leaf on the wall, prolonging the girl's life, perhaps, if I recall correctly, at the cost of his own life.

Not for nothing are the O.Henry awards named after him.


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