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Lets get really nostalgic now! Marcene Daniels oldtimer Isn't it funny that a lot of our fondest memories are associated with a tune or two?
Our teachers, lovers, and our moms?

I know that my mother sang to me songs I to this day have never heard anyplace else. She was of German extraction and sang songs her mother sang to her!

One called will you be my liebchen. Not too darn sure of the spelling but it meant a doll in Russian I think.
Went something like this'
Will you be my liebchen?
My tiny little liebchen.
I'll sing to you the whole night through, my baby I love you!

Another was a very sad song about some lady with a fatal illness and her doc said she would die when the last autuum leaf fell. I since have heard a short story based on this song.
I'm tieing the leaves so they wont come down, so Nelly won't go away.

Enough of this stuff, Marcene the Oldtimer

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