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Pizza Dough Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I use half all purpose bleached white flour and half whole-wheat, just to be different. If that looks a little too brown, I change the proportions next time to favor the white. I use honey instead of sugar but don't think it makes much difference. I think the sugar/honey gets the little yeasties off to a fast start eating something they like. Then they eat the sugar in the flour, which makes da dough rise. The salt slows 'em down a little.

After I go through the mixing and rising process, which takes a long time, I'm ready to divide the dough into a couple of rounds. I use about the same proportions that Jan does, only less sugar, about 1 tbs instead of three.

After that, remembering Nunzio's on Hylan Boulevard, I go heavy on the sausage and mushroom. First the tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and a little olive oil spread all around.

I bake in the oven on stainless steel pizza rounds with little holes all over the bottom.

I've read I should line the oven with clay tiles, but, hey, who can be that pure, not anyone from StatNisland, specially me.

The kids eat it and come back for more. Beyond that, what can you say?

On SI, beer was the drink of choice. In California, it still is if you go to a pizza place, otherwise, at home, it's a glass of red wine.

Wonder if they have red wine in Rogersville, Tennessee.

Somehow I doubt it.

But if they do, it probably comes in a screw-top bottle and says "Gallo" somewhere on the label. Maybe they drink Jack Daniels there instead.


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