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Eagle Eye and Hounds Tooth Margie Stephens Margie This week a local grocery chain is advertising a package that clearly says "40% more" on the front. However, when you get to the store, you don't get that package, but the new size which is considerably smaller. My husband's eagle eyes spotted that one and he got the item for half price.

Today he went to another store of the same chain but the manager gave him a *h-a-rrrrrr-d* time, offering him only $1 off. "Fine," says shopping hubby, "I'll contact the FTC." The manager snarled, "Sure, go ahead." Well, the FTC's very interested in this non-truth in advertising - he's already phoned.

It pays to watch the prices and make sure the store charges you what they advertise, let alone letting them get away with slipping in a smaller size for the advertised price.

I bet, written up properly, Consumer Reports would put it on the inside of their back cover in their "Selling It" section - various examples of what you see [in the ad or on the pkg.] is not what you get.


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