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Lets get really nostalgic now! Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu golly gee use goils ya are going ta make me cry --- wellllllll maybe --- john wayne wudn't agree.

anyways neal --- shame on ya trying ta pick up jan, i seen her first on dis site befor use did --- ya trying ta horn in on my territory????

jan, nice going goilie...... wanna waltz???? english style?????

just kidding ????i'm having a bit o fun rite now cuz i'm feeling a bit the fool for fer getting a very simple little thingie....

yea trying ta upgrade my puter wit more ram, hard disk space (sccsi) an up ta win98 and i fergot ta make a boot disk.... dummy me....

sos i gotta wait till next week and do my thingie all over again....
oh well.

back to da topic ----

hows about "daddies little goil"????

hows about "love me tender" -- no song by elvis eiter......

hows about "good night sweet heart" which i and my fellow combo mates usta play every gig we did?????


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