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Terrible Mistake Charles Schleininger corsair "You Yanks are making a terrible mistake
by doing away with the draft." - Canadian
Deputy Commander of NORAD - 1973

Conscripting all young men into a period
of military service cuts them loose from
their mother's apron strings & leads them
into adulthood. It subjects them to
authority, teaches them a work ethic &
they learn how to take orders, maintain
their wardrobe & living quarters, handle
their own finances & establish
self-reliance. It teaches them respect for
this great country & its heritage, the
difference between right & wrong & the
consequences of doing wrong. It provides
them the opportunity of learning a
vocation & gives them ways to continue
their education whether they chose to
leave the military after their first term or to
remain until retirement.

Our nation benefits including bonding of
military with civilian population, since
nearly every family would at least have
one military member. Our crime rate &
juvenile delinquency would be minuscule
compared with the current statistics.
Pride in our flag & the nation it stands for
would be much more widespread than it
is today.

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