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Pizza-less in Pacific Northwest Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu rs,

they make pizza in germany, but it stinks. i know from experience. when i was in frankfurt, bonn and munich, i tried the pizza just to see if it was any good. nooooooo way hosay.....

however, their standard german food is great. especially as the haufbrau in munich. if ya ever get ta munich, saturday in the plaza at 11 am sharp. not 11:05.

reason, that is when the glock en speil (spelling) goes off and all the machinical figures start moving.

helen -----

e-mail me your recipee will ya. i'm game for trying it. i make my own pizza everyonce in a while.

dj --- i really feel for ya goilie. i'll be a thinkin about ya next month when i'm staten island enjoying a joe and pats pizza.


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