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You need to be paying attention to your diet. Carbohydrates and veggies. If you're living on SI, you have the best place in the world, bar none to find delicious pasta and pizza treats. Try Nunzio's or Pal Joey's pizza, lasagna and pasta fazool from Stanzione's and ?...With all of them, go easy on the cheese! (anybody out there more up to date?)BTW, we've found that those so-called "weight gain" protein tablets and powders are a rip-off...just keep exercising and carbo loading and your strength and size will increase.

Also, with your weight lifting routines try doing super-sets...keep your heart rate up and move quickly from one routine to another. You need to be going anaerobic as much as possible. Once again, living on SI with all its' hills gives you the opportunity to do that...pick out a hill nearby and start running up it as hard as you can. Start out with 3sets and increase it until you can do 10...the great thing about running hills (as opposed to a track) is that you get out of breath BEFORE you can injure yourself by going too fast. Of course, make sure you're warmed up sufficiently before doing it.

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