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Pizza-less in Pacific Northwest Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Funny, I make my own pizza from da yeast and flour up, too, in order to avoid the disappointment yiz are writin' about.

When I'm feelin' lazy, the boys and I go out to North Beach Pizza, or Pasquale's, or Toto's, or Milano's. It took us a long time to find the good places.

San Francisco has lots of Italians, but if you come from StatNisland it's easy to wonder where they are. Here they're mostly from Northern Italy. StatNislanders are used to the Sicilians in South Beach. That's southern Italy.

Northern Italians think Southern Italians are from Africa. Not a lot of love lost there. Pizza is Southern Italian, no further north than Naples, which is Southern. Northern is blonde, southern is dark hair. We went to Curtis with Southern. Eh, Goombah! That's southern.

Any rate, you want good pizza, go to a place that has a name like Nunzio's. You'll probably make out all right.

I wonder if they have pizza that's any good in France and Germany? And who would eat it? American tourists?


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