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Just some thoughts on Elian Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Right you are George.

Every so often a whole society goes nuts over something.

If you're not caught up in it, you think, those people have gone nuts.

You can tell 'em they've gone nuts, but they won't listen. You don't cure a crazy person by tellin' him he's just nuts. He thinks you're nuts.

But what happens when it's us who go nuts.

Do you think we listen?

Not a chance!

We start waving the flag and tellin' the rest of the world they're nuts.

Tell me what we can do about that.

That would really be doin' something good.

George, Rich, KP, Corsair, Art, Gina, O.T., Jan, DaDoo, Mimi, Marguerite, jeez, who'm I leavin' out? DBlivet. What do we do when we, as a group, go nuts?


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