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Vedy interesting posts!

IMHO "It seems to me" says it all. That's exactly what all of the posts here boil down to. For the most part, they're all coming from a subjective position.


...that no matter what one does or says (or for that matter doesn't do or say) it'll be panned by some and cheered by others.

...that more often than not, replies to a post are really more of a reaction to the "poster" themself rather than the content of the post.

...that no matter how often (or infrequently) one posts that it's food for chatter for some, and quiet understanding for others.

...that regardless of how "impersonal" replies are supposedly meant to be, rare is the "person" behind the monitor that feels nothing at all when it's their post that's disagreed with.

...that life here is not at all unlike life in the "3D World"

...very few people can operate from a transpersonal level and therefore...

Everybody's got an opinion!
(Also knows as: EGAO! Notice the presence of the word EGO in there! LOL)

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