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Lets get really nostalgic now! Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu when i was twelve, my mother asked me what kind of musical instrument i wanted to learn. i told her piano. well we could not afford a piano, so my second choice was the accordian. (i later learned the piano and concert organ)

in anycase, the first realy song i learned to play was canadian sunset. it took me about 3 months to learn how to play the song, after learning how to read music and of course hand the accordian. i memorized the notes, but never the words. in fact most of the songs i played i only memorized the notes since that was where i put my concentration.

however, the song i do remember the words to and is an extremely pretty song was one written by george m. cohen --- he's just my bill. i changed the bill to jill since i was a guy who is singing about a gal.

yep great nostalgic memories of my youth.


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