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Arabian Nights, and Days Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu well i spent part of yesterday afternoon --- inbetween hand holding a couple of foreign correspondents with puter troubles --- checking the ucmj --- uniform code of military justice ---- regs. yep still got my old book...

i also check on the truthfullness of the story as posted by ap. other newswire picked it up.

first the political asylum claim because of fear the women will be harmed if returned back to her home land is a real fear.

i spoke with a few people here in the agency who are arab/muslem, and they agreed she could very well be killed. in fact even if she stays here in the u.s. the threat is still there.

the marine --- well he has other troubles to face unfotrunately. he will face an inquiry, thats an investigation into his actions, then more then likely stand trial at a court martial. unfortunately, he broke a number of laws, military and civilian.

as you said rs, i too wish both of them the best of luck and hope all works out for them.

p.s. --- boy would i luv to be on the jury in that case......


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