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Just some thoughts on Elian George Jaenicke grjaenicke Well Elian has been gone for almost three weeks now. guess what, we are almost at the point of "Elian who" already. It just amazes me how the press dropped this story like a hot potato when the court ruled that he could go home.

I haven't read a word about how he is doing in Cuba in the American press. I do realize that Cuba is a restrictive society and probably is not overjoyed with American Journalists, and that US travel is restricted to that country. There are a lot of American citizens that enter and exit Cuba through Mexico and Canada every day. If any of them have brought back information on him our press has elected not to publish it.

The whole thing is a bit anti-climactic to me. All the time and money spent by the US taxpayers on this issue, and in a mere three weeks its just like it had never happened.

Something is really wrong here when any special interest group can manipulate our government through the press to the degree that just happened. A lot of senior citizens, that have paid taxes in this country all their life can't afford the medications they need. Yet we are forced to spend millions of dollars resolving an issue that never should have gotten to that point in the first place.

Will we ever learn?


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