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Lets get really nostalgic now! Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Frank Sinatra did a beatiful job on "September Song." In fact, that's where I heard it first, sung by him.

The songs that come to my mind in response to O.T.'s poser are the ones I heard earliest. "White Christmas," "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," (not the one by StatNisland's Elegants from the late '50s, early '60s, but I like that enough to add to the list).

I learned "You Are My Sunshine" as a youngster and sang it to my kids, inserting a big "boo-hoo" after "So I hung my head down and cried." That always got a laugh until they started anticipating my doing it and inserted the "boo-hoo" themselves, making me laugh.

"Blue Skies," by any number of singers, perhaps Willie Nelson best, is another one I sang to the boys when driving them to school. Since the San Francisco fog is a lot more usual than blue skies, I'd change the words to "gray skies, frowning on me," always going for something a little different until the sun came out and I could sing it straight.

I once heard that the sailors on one of the big aircraft carriers based in SF Bay used to play Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" over the PA system as they steamed out under the Golden Gate on a new six-month deployment, so that became a favorite for getting underway on any trip or project of mine that was gonna be involved or serious. A little musical inspiration.

We used to sing "California, Here I Come," at PS29. I'm sure that nurtured the seed of thought that brought me here.

Good thing we didn't sing any songs about Alaska or I'd be freezing my buns.

Good question, O.T.


PS: Another one we'd have fun changing the words to on auto trips was a Boy Scout camp (Aquehonga, Ten Mile River) song called (I think) "The Prettiest Girl," as in "The prettiest girl I ever saw, was sippin' cider by the straw. The straw it slipped, etc., gilly-gilly, hassenpfeffer, katzenellenbogen by the sea-e-e-e-e.

By the time we (I) got done with the lyrics about that poor girl, she'd been kissed and was having kids all over the place and the boys would be laughing in the back seat over the risque-ness of it all.

Maybe it's called "Sippin' Cider."

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