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Arabian Nights, and Days Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs It's my understanding that when a young Islamic woman becomes attracted to a young man, her family honor is implicated. Women have had their throats cut or been stoned to death, recently, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, for so much as looking at the wrong man, according to various news reports I've seen.

That means the young woman's brothers, depending on how seriously they take this, may feel free to take the woman's life. This restores the family honor, which otherwise remains besmirched.

Wouldn't surprise me if this were the basis of the asylum claim. A well-founded fear of persecution on religious or political grounds may delay the deportation for a long time,until things simmer down and get sorted out. She may be allowed to stay. We probably don't want to add insult to the Bahraini's injury by granting asylum.

I was impressed by the initiative shown by the young Marine. Cutting forged orders? Dressing his wife-to-be in Marine togs and spiriting her aboard a military airplane?

Bravo and well done. I'm sure the Marines were P.O.'d at the international incident thereby created, and the guy's C.O. doubly P.O.'d at being involved indirectly, if only to deal with a lot of questions and paperwork, but if I were a commander needing to get a damn-near-impossible mission accomplished under very adverse odds, I know who I'd look to first.

I wish that couple a lot of happiness and a long life together.


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