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To our home of the EAST.....Staten Island Marcene Daniels oldtimer A fellow came a long, long way.
He just dropped in and made my day.
Seems he came to see O.T.
Brought his son along to meet,
The madam from the coast out east,
really had a nostalgia feast.
Now this young guy and his dad,
met this gal who was feeling sad,
Turned her frowns into a smile,
Had a snack and chat and then chatted some more,
And when the time came to send them out the door,
It was then she knew, what she thought all these years,
Our home in the east,
Staten Island of course,
Stays in our hearts,
To return with our friends,
When they come for a very short stay:
Brings out the memories, the love we all share.
For our past, our youth, our home over there!

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