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Lily Munster&I in a UFO Marguerite Rivas sipoet Irene, I, too feel euphoric on the patch sometimes.

It's true about needing a patch to wean you off the patch. When I went down to the smallest patch, the dreams stopped,and the urge to smoke started again.

The patch poems will probably be entitled "nicotine dreams" I've already begun work on them. They are a riot.

Sounds like mushrooms to me, too, RS. I keep thinking of Carlos Casteneda. The only thing that prevents them from being used as a nightime hallucinogenic is probably the fact that not everyone experiences this. I've been afraid to call the company for fear they will tell me not to wear it.

My friends can't wait to hear the next installment. Unfortunately, I can't remember last night's dream. That hasn't happened yet. Uh oh! I jinxed myself by posting.


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