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Go Away Bill and Hillary Clinton Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu oh dear, now ya all done gone and done it....

first if hillary said what she is said to have said 26 years ago, i don't give a rats tail. all of us at one time or another have said things was may have been bigoted, racists etc. i grew up in a racist family at the time. and yes i have used all kind of stuff and as i grew older i learned they were wrong to say. i have never denied that i used those kinds of slurs --- at the time i did not know better.

i learned from my mistakes. i am sure hillary did as well --- at least i will give her the benefit of the doubt.

however, i do agree that if you deny you ever did such a thing, then i am unable to believe you.

what we said or did when we were younger because we were taught different has nothing to dowith the way one should be acting today.

my wife and i have (hopefully) taught our children that it is wrong to use racial slurs even in the heat of the moment....

however, i will and do not objhect ot jokes racial, sexist or otherwise. i am no puritian and don't want to be......

so this thing about what hillary said 26 years ago is pure bunk. however, as i said before --- her denying it it really questionable.


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