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Arabian Nights, and Days Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Arabian Nights, and Days, starring Meriam Al Khalifa, 19, a member of the royal family of Bahrain, and Pfc. (formerly Lance Corporal) Jason Johnson, 25, of the United States Marines.

He was stationed there.

Was performing security duties at a shopping center.

They met.

They fell in love.

He smuggled her out of the country.

And into this country.

Where they got married.

The fit is hitting the shan.

Here's how he did it:

"As his deployment was ending late last year, he forged U.S. military documents and a set of orders that allowed her to go through customs in her country without her family knowing, he said.

He said he also dressed Al Khalifa in baggy cargo pants, a T-shirt and a New York Yankees cap to get her to the United States on a commercial airplane. But immigration officials in Chicago discovered the ruse after being alerted by her family....

Bahrain is a small island nation off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia that also is the regional base for the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet."

The Associated Press contributed to this report, which I ripped offa the ABC news thing on my browser.

The royal family (she's cousin to the Emir) wants her back, baaad.

Family honor at stake.

Religious differences.

Wars have started over less.

Remember Troy?

This could get worse.

Just thought you'd enjoy what may be the next Elian story.


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