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Lily Munster&I in a UFO Marguerite Rivas sipoet Oh I've been having the most vivid, dreams since I've been on my nicotine patch. The literature warns that this may happen. Has anyone experienced this?
Here are a few in a nutshell:

Lily Munster and I are flying a UFO. I say to her in my best StatNisland accent, "Hey Lily, where are we going?" She replies, as she works the steering wheel which looks like a steering wheel from a 1950's era car, "We're going to StatNisland, honey, hold on." We land it at the beach near the old S.S White.

I'm sitting in a Cathedral while a rather rotund chef, dressed all in white stands on the altar and sings the aria from Carmen. Guy Molinari sits on a bench watching from the sidelines.

I go to a doctor's office because I need to straighten out a problem for a student of mine -- a transvestite clown. It seems the nurse in the office will not let me administer his/her final exam in American Literature. I finally straighten it out with the help of my poet/lawyer husband (I actually do have a poet/lawyer husband) and the clown shows up in a tweed suit, dressed as a woman, with a chestnut brown wig. The only thing is, he/she has forgotten to take off his clown lips. He/she ends up kissing the nurse while some mogul type thug in the next room whispers to someone on the phone,"Hey Lefty, I got the pictures of the clown."

They get more and more bizarre every night. Usually I have a good laugh over the absurdity of it all, but sometimes I am really disturbed.


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