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First Try Was A Charm Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs On 07/17/2000 7:59:00 PM, Jan wrote a pome of which this is a take-off, or a send-up, or both, in the interests of lightheartedness:

A poem that comes from the
Will give your writing a start.

If it is published, by chancet,
Your reputation will be enhancet.


As you can see, Jan, writing good poetry takes a lot of practice.

Keep practicin.'

And don't spend no money to get it published.

Publish the next poem here.

You'll find out if it's any good or not.

We have a ton of poetry aficionados, not to say critics, here.

Some of 'em even read English, although you'd never guess it from what they rite.

Bob :)

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