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Veep Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs You think we've been in trouble for the last two Presidentiads? Wait'll you see what happens next.

We've got W and Gore and they're both out beating the bushes looking for someone to share the blame. A VP, in other words.

W would like Colin Powell or John McCain. So would I, if I couldn't get Tiger Wood.

Gore is stuck without heroes. He's gotta look for someone with a ton of votes. That let's out Bill Bradley, who must be the Adlai Stevenson of the new millenium. Who's got the votes?

Some governor.


How 'bout wake me up when it's over so I can say how the country has gone to hell in a handbasket.

How come we don't get no more Washingtons an' Lincolns, I wanna know.


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