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Funny thing about slanguage! Margie Stephens Margie I once had a neighbor from Texas. Here we are, both from the same country, same language (written at least) and sometimes I could *not* understand what she was saying ;-) I never had trouble understanding my neighbor from Peru, however.

Of course it works both ways. Once my father, good Maineac he, had a secretary from south of the Mason Dixon line. Neither could understand the other person's speech.

I never knew I had a New England accent until my daughter came home in tears one day from third grade. She had learned to say "idea" from me - eye dear and was teased until she cried. Children can really be nasty critters to each other. That week I made it a point to take three steps each time I said I DE A so she could learn the non-New England way.

Now she teases me about the way I pronounce idear. Kids can be so ungrateful...

Margie - lover of and tutor of this crazy thing we call English

**test** Read this to someone as it only works if you hear it, not see it: What's the opposite of right?

Is is wrong, left, or is it print? (What's the opposite of write? is another way of spelling the same question)

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