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fawcawnars :) Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu jr,

my condolunces for the treatment you received at the hands of a bunch of rebels....i too had the same problem when at great lakes, that is until after the second day i was there.

my co --- a senior chief petty officer with more hash marks (stripes for the land lubbers) on his left arm then then there are in the world, learned real quick that i would not take to his form of authority without making his life extremely misaberable.....he was a tough nutt ta crack but he did, especially after i was one of the guys who saved his butt during an imprompt inspection that he all but guaranteed we would fail.

in stead, we passsed and he got a big reward of some kind because of our efforts.

anyways, i like my staten island accent which also has a bit of new england with it. really confuses the washington buracuats here.


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