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Disney C Connelly mcgil Nightly, starting at midnight and ending about 5am, the Disney Channel has something called Vault Disney. Vault Disney is a series of disney programs from the 50's & the 60's such as Zorro, the original Mickey Mouse Club and shows that were on the Sunday night Disney show. These include movies, nature programs and other stuff that many of us grew up on. I started taping some of these for my nine year old. He loves Zorro, Davey Crockett and some of the MM Club serials - The Harty Boys and Spin & Marty are particular favorites. On the 4th of July, I heard they were going to air some of their "history movies,"Johnny Tremain" (Sons of Liberty & Rev War) & "Johnny Shiloh" (Civil War) so I taped them.

Today was a nasty, cold rainy day and I had a house full of kids and adults (and I was the only female!). The younger kids were annoying the older kids, the older kids were tormenting the younger kids and my husband & his brother were doing "guy" stuff in the garage & didn't want anything to do with any kids. Finally, out of desperation I took my youngest & his two friends and pretty much forced them to watch Johnny Tremain. They were fascinated. Living in such close proximity to Boston, they had all been to the Tea Party Ship & been to Paul Revere's House & walked the freedom trail, so it was all kind of familiar to them. A few minutes later, I noticed that the older kids (16 & 17 year olds) had drifted in and were equally as caught up with the movie. Then my husband & his brother joined them (singing along with the theme song.) It was amazing that a forty -five year old movie could still hold the attention of everyone. They even stayed for supper 'cause they all wanted to watch Johnny Shiloh. The power of 50's & 60's Disney shows are still there -- it goes to show that we were lucky to grow up with such good programs.


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