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ISTM Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Well, I'm honored you thought enough about my offering to post these sincere-looking replies. I don't start out intending to offend anyone, but I'm aware that the give-and-take sometimes causes a nose or two to get bent out of shape. Very sorry for that, as that's not intended. I do like to be somewhat controversial, because it fits in with my character and it livens things up around here when I try to stir the pot. You wouldn't like it if all we posted around here was flattery, agreement, and mush.

I particularly like it when someone's post reveals something we didn't know about them before, how they feel, think, see the world, etc. When someone says how they feel I don't take it as an expression that they think everyone else should feel the same way, although sometimes we/they give that impression. When that happens, well, we come out guns blazing, which is also part of the fun of having a discussion.

I get a wry kick when someone says something to the effect of, well, sometimes your stuff is interesting even though I don't agree with what you say.

Who said you should agree? Certainly not me. Let it pass, or say where the disagreement lies. Up to you whether it's worth mentioning.

It seems to me this is how we get to know who each other is.

I can think of one regular visitor who never says anything that reveals how he/she thinks/feels about anything, so I never react to his/her posts. Nothing personal, but why talk to someone who says nothing significant or revelatory.

The more you reveal, the more vulnerable you are to thrown fruit and vegetables, verbal variety. So there's a risk attached.

Most of us are big enough to take a risk, live a little.

So it goes.


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