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fawcawnars :) Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu way ta go harry, we are staten islanders first and last......fawcawnars ---- tks for the complemints i doze appreciates it....

ya gotta keep in mind though, i like this site because i don't have to always be serious... i have enough of that in my daily job which i spend about 10 hours a day at. then there is the side line of helping people out while at home ---- research of labor law issues --- puter consulting ---- puter fixing, etc and then the community stuff.

so this site --- yea i go over board a bit, but wot da hey ---- it's fun and i am glad you enjoy it sometimes.

as fer harry da hammer ---- well i can read his stuff a ok --- dats cuz i look at the characters he writes as pictures -----


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