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ISTM Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs It seems to me...

-that writing here is not only fun, but risky.

-some of us like joke lists, some don't.

-some don't have the courage of their convictions and post anonymously, while others are not afraid to put their two cents in under their own name.

-that some of us are more thin skinned than others.

-that when we talk about political subjects, it's unreasonable to expect agreement. When you talk about politics, you're inviting disagreement. Wouldn't be any fun, otherwise. After all, we're from StatNisland, which is part of NewYawk, where verbal sparring is honed in high school, as I recall it.

-that it's a mistake to take such disagreement personally.

-that it's a mark of respect that someone thought enough of you to reply to one of your postings, even to disagree, especially to disagree. It means you were thought provoking, which is one of the highest achievements you can accomplish around here, or anywhere, for that matter.

-that not everyone wishes to be thought provoking.

-some of us just like to wave the flag and wish good wishes and that sort of sugary stuff. Some do, some can leave it alone. Either way is fine.

-this place is like a newspaper without the benefit of an editor to arrange placement. Jokes get placed on the political editorial site, and vice versa. This bugs some people, but there's not much that can be done about it, so far.

-this place is also like a wall of graffiti. "Here, this is what I think about that," blam, and up it goes. Write first, think second. At least posterity will know we were here. If they don't like it, well, so much for posterity. And so much for us.

-some of the regulars like to chat, call each other up, send each other tons of emailed stuff that others can live without.

-sumovem even like to visit. That can be good or it can seem like, "Uh-oh, here come a load of visiting firemen, where's my fly rod, I've gotta go fishing."

-and on and on.

You can add to the "It Seems To Me" list.

Just keep posting, as some of us need our daily fix and would prefer to have verbal rocks thrown our way than to be ignored.



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