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fawcawnars :) Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I'll take some of da blame.

Ever since arrival in Californy in 1966 I've been called on the way I tawk, even though I've tried to clean up the New Yawk accent. It still shines through. People I've just met ask what part of New York I'm from. Either that or Boston.

This used to bug me, but I have several StatNisland friends here, in San Francisco, and now we joke about it, the accent, theirs as well as mine. When I call Mom or my sisters back east I'm amazed at how they sound. "That's the way I used to sound," I think. "That's the way you still sound," my friends here would say.

So I started writing the way I used to talk, back when I lived on StatNisland, in FawCawnahs. Back then I thought it was English. Now I call it StatNislandese.

When I started writing the way I thought I used to speak, one or two visitors to this site suggested I tone it down, as it was getting to be too much. So I did, but it creeps in. Now more people do it. It's fun, but it can get to be too much. Rich does it to the point that even I can't get through half his stuff. But when he writes seriously, he's dynamite. Of course that's what it takes to get him to write seriously. To each his own, of course.

So, Billy Rex, that's the way it is. I thought we spoke English, too, when we lived next door to each other on Winthrop Place in Four Corners an eon ago, and you were trying to knock my brains out, but have learned that some of us, at least, spoke the local variant.

Here's to the local variant. If we had an army, it would be the lingua franca.


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