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ANOTHER U.S. STATE DEPT PIECE OF GARBARGE Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu started reading some of the various news articles to keep up with what our esteme government officials are up to --- well read this folks and weep. it seems we have to kiss foreign butt for diplomacy purposes.

personally the u.s. state department official or officials who ordered the removal of our national flag should be fired, hung from the nearest yardarm and quartered.....

if the isralies and the palestinians don't like our flag then they should stay the hell out of our country and we can always cut off all foreign aid to them.

if they are going to use our country to hold their phoney talks, then they had better learn that us americans will not tolerate their crap that our flag has to be shoved into a closet because they may be offended.

as patten once said --- bull s--t......


Saturday, July 15 6:22 AM SGT

US flags back up at Mideast press center after flap

THURMONT, Maryland, July 14 (AFP) -

American flags removed from a school serving as the press center here for the Camp David Middle East peace summit have been
replaced after local residents and officials complained, the White House said Friday.

"The flags are back up," spokesman Joe Lockhart told reporters, calling the complaints over their removal "a lot of fuss" that resulted
in "a good bit of grandstanding based on rumors and fantasy."

The State Department had removed three US flags from two classrooms at the Thurmont Elementary School being used by Israeli and
Palestinian journalists and one in which US officials give reporters daily briefings.

The step was taken in accordance with a rule declaring the summit a "flagless" event at which no national emblems or symbols would
be displayed so as not to cause offense during the tense and difficult negotiations.

"We didn't want to give anyone any pretext to create problems," State Department press office director Adam Ereli told Republican
Congressman Roscoe Bartlett when he came to the school to complain.

"Those who are trying to influence those negotiations can seize on perhaps the most insignificant and most seemingly irrelevant issue to
cause problems," Ereli said.

Bartlett said his office had received hundreds of phone calls about the matter following local media reports and refused to accept the
explanation, adding that he was deeply disturbed by the decision.

"How could seeing our flag hurt anyone?" he asked. "I don't understand and I don't think that most of America will understand how
looking at our flag could offend people who came here at our invitation."

Lockhart said that after checking with diplomatic protocol restrictions, he determined they did not apply to areas outside the summit
meeting site at Camp David and ordered the flags restored to their the places over blackboards.

"Once I checked on it, and (found) that this clearly didn't extend to rooms where the press was working, we put the flags back up," he

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