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***~ A Birthday Party for Margie ~***** Margie Stephens Margie All right already!!! I'm here, I'm awake. JR called to harrass ... er, wish me well.

Thanks to one and all. Carry on. Party goes on till we drop ... or till the next person has a party.

Gina, my young neighbor is wowed by your graphix and wonders how you do them??? You, too, Donna. Plez to tell me how so I can let her read the instructions and *she* can show *me* how to do this magic stuff. 15 year olds are clever with computers.

We older ones, 16, take a little longer. {"Yeah, very long." Dis is a direct quote from dat sweet young ting -- oi is she eva gonna get it!!}

Party open to everyone - yes I like the one candle idea. Neighbor says she'll supply the cake! She gets right into this internet stuff.


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